Thank you for joining our Catechetical Leader Facebook Group!  

This Facebook group is for Parish Catechetical Leaders (D/CREs, D/CYMs, DFFs, etc) to share helpful resources for ministry, and to make meaningful connections with their co-workers in the vineyard. By joining and utilizing this private group, you agree to abide by the group rules and follow the Diocesan Code for Pastoral Use of Technology and Social Media.  

Group Rules:

  1. Professional Resource. This is a professional platform for sharing ministry resources, tips and experiences. This is not the forum to evaluate or debate topics such as politics, theological teachings, social justice issues, liturgical norms, diocesan policy, or COVID 19 mitigation.  These are important topics and worthy of robust debate in a proper setting. 
  2. Respect your Audience Express yourself with appropriate language, civility, and be respectful of the Church, Rockford Diocese, Bishop, and Church teachings.  Communications must not offend or contradict the teachings of the Catholic Church.  We only allow posts and comments related to the group’s activity (ministerial resources, best practices, and networking).  Off-topic content will be removed.
  3. Individual Responsibility. Employees and volunteers of Diocesan parishes, schools, agencies and other entities are personally responsible for their posted content, and will be held personally accountable for such.  Official statements of parish, school, agency, and other entities of the Diocese or of Diocesan policies may only be made by the Pastor/Administrator.
  4. Use of Resources. The Rockford Diocese is not responsible for the content of any post.  Resources and ideas shared have not been evaluated by the Diocese for accuracy or orthodoxy.  Before using any content, it is necessary to thoroughly evaluate and have approval of your pastor. 
  5. Practice Confidentiality. Do not disclose confidential information.  Respect the confidentiality of matters that are shared in confidence, or that are meant to be kept confidential by the nature of your employment or volunteer position.  
  6. No Advertising.  Do not use this group to advertise your business, or someone else’s business, page, fundraiser, or website.  If you would like to advertise for an event open to anyone in the Diocese, please contact Sara Danielson directly ( so that she can share across appropriate venues.  Members are encouraged to share events that have already transpired if within the context of a relevant topic.
  7. No Chain Messages. Do not use this group to forward chain messages of any kind.
  8. The Rockford Diocese reserves the right to remove any post or participant for any reason without notice.
  9. All participants will abide by the Diocesan Code for Pastoral Use of Technology and Social Media