Ministry Formation Year 2 Schedule

Group 18 Yr 2 Schedule –

The class sites are as follows:
McHenry Site: The Church of Holy Apostles, 5211 Bull Valley Rd., McHenry, IL
Aurora – Site #1: Aurora Central Catholic High School (Home Economics Room), 1255 N Edgelawn Dr, Aurora, IL
**Aurora – Site #2: St. John Neumann Parish, 2900 E. Main St., St. Charles, IL 60174
Rockford: St James Parish Center, (Lower Level – Youth Room), 428 N Second St., Rockford, IL
All Tuesday evening classes will be held from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM.
All Saturday classes will be held from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
Orientation – 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM (OD)SatRockfordAug25, 2018John McGrath
St. James Parish Center, Rockford, IL     
Sacrament/SacramentalityTuesMcHenryAug28, 2018Dcn Richard Marcantonio
 (No – Assignment)TuesAurora site #1Sept04, 2018Fr. Jonathan Bakkelund
  TuesRockfordSept11, 2018Dcn Richard Marcantonio
Sacraments of Initiation and Reconciliation
SatMcHenrySept08, 2018Rosie Gilfether
 (Yes – Assignment)SatAurora site #1Sept15, 2018Rosie Gilfether
  SatRockfordSept22, 2018Rosie Gilfether
Sacrament of Holy Orders
TuesMcHenrySept18, 2018Fr. Paul White
 (No – Assignment)TuesRockfordSept25, 2018Msgr. Gerald Kobbeman
  TuesAurora site #1Oct02, 2018Fr. Bob Jones
Sacrament of the Eucharist
SatMcHenrySept29, 2018Fr. David Peck
 (Yes – Assignment)SatRockfordOct06, 2018Fr. David Peck
  Sat**Aurora site #2Oct13, 2018Fr. David Peck
Sacrament of Anointing
TuesMcHenryOct09, 2018Msgr. Michael Tierney
 (No – Assignment)TuesAurora site #1Oct16, 2018Msgr. Michael Tierney
  TuesRockfordOct23, 2018Msgr. Michael Tierney
Theology of Church
SatMcHenryOct20, 2018Matt Schwartz
 (Yes – Assignment)Sat**Aurora site #2Oct27, 2018Matt Schwartz
  SatRockfordNov03, 2018Matt Schwartz
Sacrament of Marriage
TuesMcHenryOct30, 2018Fr. Jeremy Trowbridge
 (No – Assignment)TuesAurora site #1Nov06, 2018Fr. Jeremy Trowbridge
  TuesRockfordNov13, 2018Fr. Jeremy Trowbridge
Social Justice
SatMcHenryNov10, 2018Rob Olson
 (No – Assignment)SatAurora site #1Nov17, 2018Rob Olson
 SatRockfordDec01, 2018Rob Olson
Multicultural Ministry
TuesMcHenryNov20, 2018Fr. Timothy Piasecki
 (No – Assignment)TuesAurora site #1Nov27, 2018Fr. Timothy Piasecki
 TuesRockfordDec04, 2018Fr. Timothy Piasecki
Leadership Skills I
SatMcHenryDec08, 2018Dick Kunnert
 (No – Assignment)SatRockfordJan05, 2019Owen Phelps
  SatAurora site #1Jan19, 2019Owen Phelps
Apologetics I
TuesMcHenryJan08, 2019Dcn Jason Stewart
 (No – Assignment)TuesAurora site #1Jan15, 2019Dcn Jason Stewart
  TuesRockfordJan22, 2019Dcn Jason Stewart
Leadership Skills II
SatMcHenryDec15, 2018Dick Kunnert
 (No – Assignment)SatRockfordJan12, 2019Owen Phelps
  SatAurora site #1Jan26, 2019Owen Phelps
Apologetics IITuesMcHenryJan29, 2019Dcn Jason Stewart
 (No – Assignment)TuesAurora site #1Feb05, 2019Dcn Jason Stewart
  TuesRockfordFeb12, 2019Dcn Jason Stewart
Principles of LiturgySatMcHenryFeb02, 2019Fr. Rich Rosinski
 (Yes – Assignment)SatRockfordFeb16, 2019Fr. Rich Rosinski
  SatAurora site #1Mar02, 2019Fr. Rich Rosinski
Theology of Stewardship
TuesMcHenryFeb19, 2019Bob Pfundstein
 (Yes – Assignment)TuesAurora site #1Feb26, 2019Bob Pfundstein
  TuesRockfordMar05, 2019Bob Pfundstein
MoralitySatAurora site #1Feb09, 2019Fr. Ken Wasilewski
 (Yes – Assignment)SatRockfordMar09, 2019Fr. Ken Wasilewski
  SatMcHenryMar16, 2019Fr. Ken Wasilewski
Specialization Day at Boylan High School, Rockford (SD)   
 (No – Assignment)SatRockfordMar23, 2019John McGrath
Integration Session (IS)TuesAurora site #1Mar19, 2019Pat Clementz
 (Yes – Assignment)TuesMcHenryMar26, 2019Rosie Gilfether
  TuesRockfordApr09, 2019Mike Dowling
EvangelizationSatRockfordMar30, 2019John McGrath
 (Yes – Assignment)SatAurora site #1Apr06, 2019John McGrath
  SatMcHenryApr13, 2019John McGrath
End of Year Retreat Day SatRockfordMay04, 2019Fr. Ken Wasilewski