Online Resources – For Catechists

Please continue to keep your records per usual.  “The Catechetical Formation Series” by Loyola Press has some minor unique instructions for recording.  Those instructions can be found in the “Online Elective Opportunities” section.

All pertinent forms are:

Catechist Learning Assessment Instrument – CD/Book/DVDIntrumento De Evaluación Del Aprendizaje Del Catequista CD/Book/DVD
Personal Certification Record SheetSolicitud De Certificación (II Nivel)  
Personal Certification Renewal Record Sheet   

NCCL – Magnify -“Magnify is a series of virtual events over a 4-month span that will introduce participants to the new Directory for Catechesis and explore each of the chapters in depth.  Magnify begins with a 2-day virtual event September 18th and 19th.  Magnify continues with 1-day virtual events in the months of October, November, and December.”  For more information, click here!

AVE MARIA – Webinars

OSV – Webinars

SADLIER – Webinars

LOYOLA PRESS “The Catechetical Formation Series” from Loyola Press is designed and hosted by Joe Paprocki and Deidre Mullane.  There will be ten sessions available (at this time, only two are ready).  To utilize this particular program for Diocesan credit, please complete the following steps: 

        1. Use the Catechist Learning Assessment for Independent Study for Electives from the Catholic Education website.
        2. Begin the session from Loyola Press by downloading the “Interactive PDF Worksheet” on the first slide of the presentation.
        3. Watch the entire slide show, pausing to fill in the Interactive PDF Worksheet when directed to do so.

        4. When finished, attach the “Interactive PDF Worksheet” to the Catechist Learning Assessment for Independent Study for Electives and give it to the DRE/CRE for review.

 **Since the program’s worksheet covers what the Diocesan Learning Assessment requires, there is no need to write a second reflection as indicated on the Diocesan Learning Assessment. The Diocesan sheet will be used only for your signature and record keeping for the next level of certification.

        5. The amount of time for each session can be found in the Presentation Details window in the lower right side of the screen. It is best to round up to the nearest half hour.