Specialization Day Online

Specialization Day 2020

Please select at least 3 sessions to watch and e-mail your selections to kriedelsperger@rockforddiocese.org to receive credit for participation in Specialization Day.  These areas of ministry are added to your official Ministry Formation transcripts which will be made available upon request.  You can receive credit for all areas of ministry per video watched; e.g. if you watch 6 videos, you will receive credit for all six areas of ministry.  Videos are being added as we receive them.

Please check back if your area of ministry has not been uploaded yet!  Any issues or questions can be directed to Kristina by e-mail or phone:  815-387-3389 Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:40pm.

Don't forget to send your selections to kriedelsperger@rockforddiocese.org

~~ Presented by John McGrath ~~

~~ Presented by Teresa Chiappone ~~

~~ Presented by LaRae Staub ~~

~~ Presented by Maggie Super ~~

~~ Presented by Dcn Rick Marcantoneo ~~

~~ Presented by Fr. John McNamara ~~

~~ Presented by Julieta Jocobo ~~

~~ Presented by Dcn Peter Addotta ~~

~~ Presented by Fr. Ken Wasilewski ~~

~~ Presented by Paul and Janelle Vogrinc ~~