TO:                  Group 19 Ministry Formation Candidates
FROM:            John Jelinek
DATE:             January 31st, 2020
RE:                  Specialization Day on Saturday, March 28, 2020

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See below for John’s memo.


I am looking forward to our Specialization Day on Saturday, March 28th, to be held at Boylan Catholic High School, 4000 St. Francis Drive, Rockford, IL  61103.  The purpose of the day is to offer you a “glimpse” of three different areas of pastoral ministry.  We have assembled an outstanding group of people to share their involvement, knowledge and enthusiasm in their respective areas of ministry.  We will begin promptly at 9:00am in the Lecture Hall. Please note the following information about the day:

        1. The schedule for the day is:

  8:45     Gathering – coffee and snacks available outside Lecture Hall

  9:00     Prayer in Lecture Hall

  9:30     Session I in classrooms

10:45     Session II in classrooms

11:45     Lunch

12:45     Session III in classrooms

  2:00     Summation, Questions, Closing Prayer in Lecture Hall

  2:30     Dismissal

        2. Coffee and hot water will be provided.  Lunch is not provided, please bring a lunch or visit one of the numerous fast food locations in the area.

        3. Sign up for the specific areas of ministry that you would like to attend by going to the “Ministry Formation Classes” webpage. Select your top three of the following sessions to attend on March 28th and a fourth, alternate class if for some reason one of your choices is not available.  Please submit your selections no later than February 28th.  Each session will last one hour and have an experienced pastoral minister presenting a profile of that particular area of ministry and the type of work he/she does.

This is an incredible opportunity to explore new areas of ministry.   You are encouraged to investigate ministries outside your usual areas of involvement.  Even if you never plan to serve in these ministries, it will help you have a greater understanding of their value and the diverse ways our Church responds to God’s call.

Arrival: Click link for directions to Boylan High School. Please park in the lot on the south side of the building.  If walking is a problem for you, please contact us in advance.  Signs will be posted inside to direct you to the Lecture Hall.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 815-387-3389.
I anticipate a great learning experience on March 28th and look forward to seeing you then.  In the meantime, I wish you the best during this holy season of Lent.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Adult Faith Formation – Explore a ministry geared towards engaging adults in knowing the Catholic faith and developing a deeper relationship with Jesus

  • Compassionate – Explore avenues of outreach to the sick and homebound in the parish.

  • Diaconate – Explore the Permanent Deaconate. This session is particularly informative for men and their wives who might be discerning a vocation as an ordained Permanent Deacon.

  • Evangelization – Explore programs which facilitate encounters with Jesus Christ, and that foster conversion and personal spiritual growth for parishioners.

  • Family Faith Formation (Religious Education) – Explore the Church vision for providing quality catechetical programs for children, youth, and adults in the parish, emphasizing family involvement.

  • Hispanic Ministry – Explore our Church’s mission to bring all Hispanic Catholics into enthusiastic participation in the life and mission of the Church, while strengthening the unity of the One Body of Christ. (This will be a great session for Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike.)

  • Life & Dignity – Explore how the Church’s message of life and dignity for all people is put into action in the parish and local community.

  • Liturgy – Explore the ways lay people can have a true and meaningful participation in the liturgical life of the parish.

  • Marriage – Explore ministry efforts which enrich marriages and families.

  • RCIA – Explore the incredible journey and rites for initiating non-Catholics into full-communion in the Catholic Church.

  • Small Groups – Explore small adult faith sharing communities and how they reflect big church while inviting their members to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus, increase fellowship, and support evangelization.

  • Youth Ministry – Explore the exciting ways to facilitate junior high and high school aged parishioners in encounter with Jesus and help them to discover how to live out their Catholic faith.