Specialization Day 2021

Welcome to our Specialization Day 2021 website. We were grateful to have LIVE virtual meetings for each area of specialization that took place on March 20 2021. We were able to retrieve most of the recordings from that day. These rough recording sessions are here for your viewing. If you want to receive credit for watching a session, please fill out the evaluation for each session you watch. We recommend you first watch the Gathering prayer (Morning Session) and then proceed to watch the Specialization Sessions (session videos)

 Any issues or questions can be directed to Rudy Villafuerte by e-mail rvillafuerte@rockforddiocese.org or phone:  815-387-3389

~~ Presented by Father Ken W. ~~

If you need assistance, contact Rudy at rvillafuerte@rockforddiocese.org

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~~ Presented by Therese Stahl ~~

 Evangelization Handout


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